Canadian Lighthouse Postage Stamps

Canadian Lighthouse Postage Stamps
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Block of four 32-cent postage stamps issued in 1994 that featured four of Canada’s oldest lighthouses. The stamp on the upper left corner features Louisbourg Lighthouse, which in 1734, became the first light station in Canada. The tower no longer stands and has been replaced twice by different towers. The stamp on the upper right corner is the Fisgard Lighthouse, which is the oldest lighthouse on the west coast of Canada. The 1860 lighthouse is now the site of a museum. The bottom left stamp features the 1809 Ile Verte Lighthouse on the St, Lawrence River opposite of the mouth of the Saguenay River in province of Quebec. Also known as Green Island Lighthouse it is the 3rd oldest lighthouse in Canada. The final stamp, the one on the bottom right corner is the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse that was built in 1808 at Hanlan’s Point, at Toronto Harbour on Lake Ontario. It is the third oldest surviving lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

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