Cutter Rescues - DVD

Cutter Rescues - DVD
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DVD Documentary featuring the USCG Cutters: WPG 77 Escanaba, WAGL 220 Hollyhock, WLB 404 Sundew, WAGB 83 Mackinaw.

Cutter Rescues chronicles the incredible career highlights of four Great Lakes Coast Guard cutters, from the first 'official' icebreaker Escanaba to the brand new GLIB Mackinaw. Host/Producer Ric Mixter shares rare film footage of the Escanaba, Hollyhock, Sundew and Mackinaw and also takes the viewer through three of the four ships. This includes a dive into the Atlantic Ocean to see the final resting place of the Hollyhock. Hear from eyewitnesses to the rescues from the shipwrecks Henry Cort, Cedarville, Dorchester, Nordmeer, and Carl D. Bradley. Break ice on the most powerful cutters on the lakes and meet the crews that keep the lakes safe today.

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