Aland Lighthouse Postage Stamps and Post Card


Aland Lighthouse Postage Stamps and Post Card

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In 1992 Aland issued four lighthouse postage stamps honoring the 1865 Market Lighthouse, the 1868 Salskar Lighthouse, the 1962 Ranno Lighthouse, and the 1920 Lagskar Lighthouse. When the postage stamps were issued, the government of Aland also issued a commemorative post card to help promote the lighthouse postage stamps. Included here are the post card and the mint stamp strip of the four lighthouse stamps.

Aland is an autonomous, demilitarized, monolingual Swedish-speaking region of Finland that consists of an archipelago lying at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. The lighthouses in Aland are under the auspices of the Finnish Maritime Authority. Interestingly, the Lagskar Lighthouse that was automated in 1961 was converted to wind power in 1986.

These items would make an excellent addition to any lighthouse, maritime or postage stamp collection.