Estonia Keri Tuletorn Lighthouse Postage Stamps


Estonia Keri Tuletorn Lighthouse Postage Stamps

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In 1803 this was the first national lighthouse to be equipped with reflectors. The lighthouse was dismantled in 1854 during the Crimean War. The current tower atop the masonry base was constructed in 1858. A group was formed in 2003 to save the lighthouse. This is a full mini sheet of the postage stamps issued in 2004 with 20 postage stamps. The Republic of Estonia is in the Baltic region of northern Europe. It is stated that 25% of the population of Estonia was killed during WW II. After the war the country was taken over by Russia and became part of the Union of Soviet Socialist  Republics, however they finally gained their independence from Russia as a new democracy in 1991This sheet would look great framed for any décor or just as a wonderful collectible for any lighthouse collection.