Historic Fort Warren – Edward Rowe Snow


Historic Fort Warren – Edward Rowe Snow

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Wonderful soft cover book by Edward Rowe Snow (1902-1982) one of New England’s foremost historians, who for many years was also the Flying Santa to the Lighthouses. Fort Warren is a largely forgotten fort built on what is now called George’s Island in Boston Harbor. The fort may have more to do with Civil War history than any other citadel in New England. This book is about a fort on George’s Island in Boston Harbor whose history can be traced back to 1680. It relates to the Revolutionary War period on thru the Civil War where it was used as a training area for Union troops and a Confederate prison. It was also used as a military facility up into the 1940s. First edition, published in 1941 by Yankee Publishing Co. The cover has some dis-colorization, but otherwise this book is in excellent condition. Loaded with forgotten history. This is a hard to find book that is missing from most Edward Rowe Snow collections. Sold as-is.