About Us

From the Founders

Our lighthouse adventure started in 1989 while we were visiting and researching the lighthouses of the New England Coast. As a result of that adventure, in 1991, we published our first book Lighthouses of Maine and New Hampshire. In the back of that book we had an advertisement for the soon to be Lighthouse Digest magazine.

So, in 1992, with only 34 paid subscribers, we started our publication, Lighthouse Digest. As the magazine continued to grow, we soon opened a gift shop named Lighthouse Gifts and Country Crafts.

In 1994, with new partner Don Devine, we formed a new corporation that was named Lighthouse Marketing, Ltd. to produce the Lighthouse Depot Catalog. At that time we also changed the name of the store to Lighthouse Depot to match the catalog’s name.

However, after 10 busy and successful years, in 2004, we divested ourselves from Lighthouse Marketing Ltd and Lighthouse Depot in order to devote 100% of our time to our first love of researching and writing about lighthouse history. Don Devine kept Lighthouse Depot, and we went our separate ways. We then formed a new corporation; FogHorn Publishing to publish Lighthouse Digest as well as lighthouse books.

By the time the widely respected Lighthouse Digest magazine celebrated its 20th year in 2012 we had also published a number of successful books, such as: Portland Head Light, A Pictorial Journey Through Time, Ghost Lights of Michigan, Lighthouses of the Sunrise County, Light House Keeping, Dory of the Lighthouse, and others.

In 2012 when we learned that Lighthouse Depot was closing its doors, we decided that Lighthouse Digest, should expand beyond the publishing of the magazine and book market and start to offer more lighthouse related products to our customers, which we are now doing. Those products include: lighthouse décor, lighthouse gifts, lighthouse collectibles, lighthouse jewelry, and lighthouse apparel.

Lighthouse Digest is now in its 31st year and we thank our loyal subscribers and customers for their support in helping us in our efforts to research, preserve, and report on lighthouse history so that it can be saved for future generations.

Timothy Harrison and Kathleen Finnegan