150th Anniversary Historically Famous Lighthouses Guide


150th Anniversary Historically Famous Lighthouses Guide

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In 1939 when the U. S. Coast Guard took over the United States Lighthouse Service they published this booklet titled “Guide to Historically Famous Lighthouses in the United States.”

This  8 ½ inch by 11” inch booklet featured the 150th anniversary emblem of the Lighthouse Service, which had been designed by the U.S. Lighthouse Service, but was not widely used, because the U.S. Lighthouse Service was taken over by the Coast Guard in July of 1939.  The emblem appeared on the bottom of each of the ten single side printed pages of the booklet. The ten pages featured a brief history on the front side of each of the ten pages that were staple bound by another outside page.

The lighthouses featured in this booklet in the order that they are printed are: Pigeon Point Lighthouse in California, Mile Rocks Lighthouse in California, Trinidad Lighthouse in California, St. George Reef Lighthouse in California, Tillamook Rock Lighthouse in Oregon, Cape Flattery Lighthouse in Washington, Cape Spencer Lighthouse in Alaska, Makapuu Point Lighthouse in Hawaii, and Kilauea Point Lighthouse in Hawaii.

The Coast Guard must have printed several more than one version of this type of booklet, because we have seen another one on the past that was twenty pages long and feature lighthouses in New England.  

Although this copy shows some wear, it is in excellent condition for its age and the low quality of the government printing of the time.

Because this is a rare and collectible antique booklet it is being sold as-is with no return.