How the West was Won: The Langlois Lighthouse Keepers Part 2


How the West was Won: The Langlois Family of Lighthouse Keepers Part 2

Download the complete story originally printed in the November/December 2018 issue of Lighthouse Digest.

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By Debra Baldwin. When William Valpied Langlois came?to the Oregon frontier in 1844, he fathered?a lightkeeper dynasty that contributed?more than 100 years of service along?the Oregon and Washington coast. In the?March/April 2017 edition of Lighthouse?Digest, two of William?s sons, keepers?James S. Langlois and Frank M. Langlois,?were profiled. But they were only part?of the story, as the next two generations?that followed had many more keepers and?associations with both lighthouse and lifesaving?service.?Read the complete story with photos as was printed in the November/December 2018 Issue of Lighthouse Digest.

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