Keeper of the Light


Keeper of the Light – By Gordon Corbett

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Technological achievement in the nineteenth century was measured by the advances in the development of lighthouses. In fact, the nineteenth century is referred to as the Golden Age of Lighthouses.

Since the Pharos of Alexandria, many ships and crews were safely guided by the “keeper of the light.” Centuries later, in 1882, Willie W. Corbett was born. He was born into the nineteenth century and would eventually become a lighthouse keeper of four lighthouses along the coast of Maine for the United States Lighthouse Service and the United States Coast Guard. Corbett served at Monhegan Island, Saddleback Ledge, Tenants Harbor, and Little River lights.

Includes many historic and some never before published photos of life at a number of Maine’s rugged lighthouse stations.

This book is about Willie Corbett, his family, and their times as they lived in the nineteenth century well into the twentieth. Well researched and a wealth of information from the life of a Keeper of the Light written by his grandson, Gordon Corbett.

A must have for any lighthouse buff or historian. Soft cover, 72 pages.