Lighthouse: An Illuminating History of the World’s Coastal Sentinels, Hardcover


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“Lighthouse” by R.G. Grant, captures the romance in words and contemporary images of these isolated, life-saving towers, along with the incredible feats of engineering and inventiveness it took to create them.

Beginning in the 18th century and ending in the mid-19th century, this extraordinary chronicle examines these iconic buildings from every angle, including the evolution of lighthouse design; the tremendous obstacles overcome during construction and upkeep; the thrilled tales of heroism and desperate shipwrecks; as well as the daily lives of the dedicated and often long-suffering keepers. With more than 350 illustrations, this seasonless gift book provides the history and original architectural plans for beloved lighthouses found throughout the world, including Eddystone, Sandy Hook, Montauk Point, Stannard Rock, Borkum Grosser, Green Point, La Jumet, Tillamook Rock, Minot’s Ledge, Shell Keys, Cape Hatteras, Makapuu Point, Cape Canaveral, and Erie Harbor. Hardcover with dust jacket, 176 pages.