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Lighthouse Keeper Memorial Marker & Tombstone Restoration Fund Sponsored by Lighthouse Digest

The lighthouse keepers who served at our nation’s lighthouses under the old United States Lighthouse Service from 1789 to 1939 have never been honored with an historical service marker at their tombstones such as those placed by the tombstones of our veterans.  We can now change that. However, it can only be accomplished with the help of donations from the general public and lighthouse enthusiasts.   Additionally, many of the tombstones of our nation’s lighthouse keepers need to be restored, or replaced. Some are faded, some have fallen over, others have sunk into the ground, and others have simply disappeared. Many tombstones will need restoration or replacement.

Part of this process has already started with U.S. Lighthouse Service Memorial Markers having been placed at the tombstones of lighthouse keepers Lucius Davis, Roscoe Johnson, Willie W. Corbett, Abbie Burgess Grant, Isaac Grant, and Harris Grant.  The cost of the markers and tombstone restoration is expensive, and we need your help to honor the service that these people gave to our nation. Your financial contributions will help make a difference.

Help us place markers to honor Lighthouse Keepers in cases where there are no known descendants or none can be found.
Please consider making a donation to the USLHS Grave Marker Fund here in multiples of $5.  Although donations toward this effort are not tax deductible, we believe it is a worth while cause to honor those lighthouse keepers who kept our shores safe since 1791 and also to teach others about lighthouses, their keepers, and their history. We cannot do this alone.

You can also plan your own ceremony. U.S. Lighthouse Service Memorial Marker Ceremonies can be held by any number of people in settings that range from formal memorial services with military rites to a simple informal gathering of family and friends. A sample program including a copy of “The Lighthouse Keepers Prayer” and the song “Legend of the Lighthouse” are available here.

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