Lighthouse Keeping – Light Housekeeping


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By Pauline and Ernie DeRaps

Soft cover book, 2nd edition 2013

This book has been reprinted as a 2nd edition at the request of the author to give a free book to every school library in Maine, however, we are now offering the over-run of the printing of this 2nd edition for sale to the public. When the first edition was printed, it quickly sold out, leaving many people disappointed that they could not get a copy.

This is actually two books in one and it even has two different covers. This dual book has two points of view of living at a lighthouse and lighthouse keeping. The wife’s point of view is one half of the book in “Light Housekeeping.” Then you flip the book over and you can read the keeper’s point of view, which is titled “Lighthouse Keeping.”  This is the true story by one of the last families of lighthouse keepers to serve along the coast of Maine.  Soft cover, 128 pages with color and black and white images. You will fall in love with this book.