Lighthouse Service Bulletins 1937-1938

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These are rare and hard to find. Lighthouse Service Bulletins were issued monthly by the U.S. Bureau of Lighthouses under the U.S. Department of Commerce to update lighthouse keepers and personnel on new technology and equipment, new construction, changes in personnel, fires and other disasters, punishments to keepers and personnel, lightships – damages or driven off station, lives saved, and much more.

The issues offered in this lot of 15 are for: Feb. 1937, May 1937, June 1937, July 1937, August 1937, Sept. 1937, Dec. 1937 (bottom corners torn), Jan. 1938, Feb. 1938, March 1938, April 1938, May 1938, July 1938, Aug 1938, and Sept. 1938. Some have holes punched in the top where they were in a binder and some do not.

These original Bulletins are packed with history and are very scarce. They would be a magnificent addition to any collection. You may never find this many for sale at once again. They are truly part of American lighthouse history.