Lighthouses of the Sunrise County


History of the lighthouses of Washington County Maine

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The most complete book published of the region’s lighthouses. Includes hundreds of vintage photographs, many never before published, of the lighthouses, lighthouse keepers, and family members who lived and served at the historic lighthouse stations in Washington County, Maine, better know as the Sunrise County, because it is here where the rays of the sun first set upon the United States every day.

Most of what you will find in the pages of this book can not be found anywhere else, including the Internet. This book is jam-packed with historical information and memories of life at these “Downeast” Lighthouse Stations.

Special bonus chapters include, Connie Small who was considered the “First Lady of Light;” Hopley Yeaton, considered by most as the Father of the Coast Guard, who was instrumental in getting West Quoddy Head Lighthouse built and was briefly buried at the lighthouse; and famous Lighthouse Inspector, Frederic Morong, Jr., who authored the famous lighthouse poem Brassworks at the kitchen table of Little River Lighthouse in Cutler, Maine.

Maine lighthouses included in this book are: Avery Rock Lighthouse, Libby Island Lighthouse, Little River Lighthouse, Lubec Channel Lighthouse, Moose Peak Lighthouse, Narraguagas Lighthouse, Nash Island Lighthouse, Petit Manan Lighthouse, St. Croix River Lighthouse, West Quoddy Lighthouse and Whitlock’s Mill Lighthouse.

The book also includes photos of vessels, lighthouse tenders, tender crews, and stories of bravery and heroism.

If you like lighthouse, maritime history or Maine, this book is for you. It is  highly recommended by Lighthouse Digest. Soft cover, 187 pages.