Original 1966 Press Photo Ijmuiden Front Lighthouse Netherlands


Original 1966 Press Photo Ijmuiden Front Lighthouse Netherlands

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Original 1966 Keystone Press Photo of the Ijmuiden Front Lighthouse in the Netherlands as it appeared on December 8, 1966 shortly before it was to be slightly moved due to the reshaping of the harbor. At the time there was some talk about demolishing the lighthouse, but because it was one of the oldest lighthouses in the country it was decided to save it.

The Ijmuiden Front Lighthouse, known locally as the “Outer Lighthouse,” is one of six lighthouses in Ijmuiden which is in the Noord-Holland Province, west of Amsterdam. Interestingly, the Ijmuiden Front Lighthouse used to be much taller. In 1909, when the channel was made wider and deeper, the top three sections of the lighthouse were removed so that when seen from the sea the inner and outer lighthouses could be lined up for navigational purposes. At that time, the top three sections were then loaded onto a barge and moved to Vieland where they were mounted and bolted to the site of the original foundation of the stone Vuurduin Lighthouse in Vieland that had been demolished.

This original press photo is a true slice of history that will enhance any lighthouse, maritime of Netherlands collection.