Owls Head Lighthouse 1889 photogravure


Owls Head Lighthouse 1889 photogravure

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Superb photogravure after a photograph by Henry G. Peabody, published in the Coast of Maine, Campobello to the Isles of Shoals by Henry G. Peabody, Boston 1889. His lighthouse photographs are considered very rare and this example is a photogravure print of one of those photographs. Photogravure, a form of photo-mechanical printing was in its infancy in 1889 and competing with colloform printing for pre-eminence. By the early 1890s photogravure had won. The brief period of 1888 to about 1900 was its “golden age” when superb work, such as Peabody’s was produced. By 1900, ways of reducing costs were discovered and inevitably the quality of the work diminished. This is a fine example of 1899 photogravure print at its best showing Owls Head Lighthouse with a lighthouse tender anchored in the water near by. Actual photo is approximately 9”W x 6¼” H with a matte approx. 11×14 ready for framing.

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