Sport: Ship Dog of the Great Lakes


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This exceptionally well-illustrated children’s book, which, quite frankly, will appeal to people of all ages, is based on the true life adventures of Sport, the Newfoundland-retriever mix, who for 12 years was of mascot of the U.S. Lighthouse Service lighthouse tender Hyacinth.
Readers will share Sport’s adventures from his rescue as a puppy pulled from the Milwaukee River, to his getting lost in Chicago, and his life in helping the crew as they carried supplies to lighthouses and servings buoys on Lake Michigan, and even being on a baseball team. While following his adventures readers will learn the various ways the lighthouse tender operated and helped keep Lake Michigan safe for others.
If we were to rate books with stars from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best, we’d give Sport, Ship Dog of the Great Lakes, a 5-Star rating. The story is great and the artwork is absolutely fabulous. Hard cover book is 9″ x 11″  with 32 pages and 21 color illustrations.