Stephen Pleasonton 1832 Signed Document Lighthouse Establishment


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This original document bears the signature of Stephen Pleasonton, the man who was in charge of all United States lighthouses from 1820 to 1852 who nearly single handedly made almost every decision regarding lighthouses during that time. He is also the man, who in 1814, saved the Declaration of Independence and many other valuable government documents from being burned by the British in the War of 1812, when the nation’s capital was destroyed British troops. He also raised two sons who became Civil War generals. This letter, dated October 24, 1832, was originally folded over to also be the envelope that was addressed to William Ellis, Collector of the Customs in New Haven Connecticut, a common mailing practice in those days to save on the cost of paper. This is a rare document signed by one of the most notable men in the early history of the United States. You can learn more about him in this on-line story in the archives of Lighthouse Digest.  You may never again come across a unique and rare opportunity to own such a valuable artifact of American history. Since this is a rare antique item, it is sold as-is with no return.