Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Images of America

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Built in 1880, Oregon’s Tillamook Rock Lighthouse has had the most notorious reputation of any lighthouse on the Pacific Coast of the United States. Fierce storms regularly catapulted huge boulders through the lantern, with waves that broke over its 136-foot height earning it the modern nickname “Terrible Tilly.” It has been described as a pint-sized Alcatraz, and many keepers could not stand its confinement. However, there were some who actually enjoyed it and even came to love it. A rare glimpse of the more pleasant side of daily life on “the Rock” is shown in newly rediscovered historic photographs taken by the keepers who faithfully served there. This important visual legacy serves to temper the horrific view of Terrible Tilly and provides a new perspective: that perhaps an assignment to Tillamook Rock Lighthouse was not so wholly terrible after all.

Part of the Images of America series, this is most visual historically complete book on “Terrible Tilly” ever published, as researched and compiled by Debra Baldwin and the staff of Lighthouse Digest. Loaded with rare and many never before published photos, this book will provide you with a totally new perspective of life at the desolate lighthouse built on a rock on the Pacific coast. The book has 128 pages, 200 historic photos, and informative text that will take you back in time, almost like a real time machine. Soft cover.

All profits from sales of this book go directly to support the Lighthouse Digest Grave Marker Program which you can read more about the program here.

Each book is autographed by the author.