USSR Soviet Communist Russia Lighthouse Flag


USSR Soviet Communist Russia Lighthouse Flag

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This is extremely rare authentic 100% wool Communist Russian Naval Lighthouse Flag which was flown as the Ensign of Hydrographic Vessels and Lightships of the Soviet Navy. They were discontinued when the hammer and sickle image with the red star was discontinued with the collapse of the Communist government in Russia. President Ronald Regan once described Soviet Russia as the “Evil Empire,” so you could say this is a lighthouse flag from the Evil Empire.

Last used in 1992, it is widely believed that most of these flags were burned or discarded with the fall of communist regime. The few hundred that survived were grabbed up and sold into private collections. One of the largest examples of this type of flag is now on display at the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, Maine having come there from the collection of the closed Museum of Lighthouse History.

This flag originally came from some items that were found in a former Soviet Naval Depot near St. Petersburg, Russia. This 100% authentic Soviet Lighthouse Flag is approximately 37” wide by 25” high and is in good to excellent condition.

You may never find another Soviet Russian Lighthouse Flag for sale again, so you won’t want to miss this unique and rare opportunity to own a slice of Cold War History. It would make for a unique addition to any lighthouse, flag, Soviet, or Cold War collection and would look great on display behind a glass enclosure.